ceruleanscarab: (Blue Beetle Scarab Jaime Reyes Kirby)
2010-03-02 10:51 pm

Meanwhile, at the couch...

Jaime waltzed into the entertainment room of the new base, stretching. He sees Mia there, obviously just back from a shower after a workout.
“Hey cutie.” Jaime slides down onto the couch, trying to be smooth-
and crashes into the couch after tripping.
(_-|2|-/-\-|- _)()|3 _)/-\|/|\|-
Nobody asked you...
“So... how are you doing today?” Jaime asks, looking up from his new position with his head in her lap.
/()|/|2|- \|/|-|_(()/|\|-
Jaime sighed. The bug had its good points. When it wasn't suggesting weaponry to blow apart people and debase religion.