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 Jaime was getting things ready in the little room of South Base that he had picked out for himself. Not the biggest room, maybe slightly larger than a closet. He did have his own bedroom back in El Paso, even if he was still finding leftovers from when Milargo lived in it for a year.

He was just moving in the bed, piecing together the wooden frame with an electric cordless drill he borrowed from Gear. After he got it set up, he surveyed the room. 

"TV, old PlayStation for some late night Forza, bed, couple sets of clothes just in case-" At which point a twittering went off in his head.

_)|/>-|- ||\|(/-\>|- ()|= \|/|-|/-\-|-

"Hey, I don't know everything about you, I just want to get my bases covered!" 


Jaime shrugs it off and begins to head to the door to grab his mattress from the hallway.

Date: 2010-03-02 05:20 am (UTC)
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M'gann was excited to have Jaime around the base, with a space of his own to stay in. She'd missed being closer to him and to Paco and Brenda since moving away from the home they had so generously provided her with in ElPaso.

Jaime setting up shop at Titan's south meant an excuse to try to return the favor a little.

"Yay, your bed looks so good!" she said excitedly, stepping into the room with an armload of blankets, warm out of the dryer, a spaceheater and a somewhat short scarf that she had very clumsily knitted all by herself perched on top.

"I brought you room-warming presents, like housewarming but you know, a smaller scale."


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