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2010-03-02 10:51 pm

Meanwhile, at the couch...

Jaime waltzed into the entertainment room of the new base, stretching. He sees Mia there, obviously just back from a shower after a workout.
“Hey cutie.” Jaime slides down onto the couch, trying to be smooth-
and crashes into the couch after tripping.
(_-|2|-/-\-|- _)()|3 _)/-\|/|\|-
Nobody asked you...
“So... how are you doing today?” Jaime asks, looking up from his new position with his head in her lap.
/()|/|2|- \|/|-|_(()/|\|-
Jaime sighed. The bug had its good points. When it wasn't suggesting weaponry to blow apart people and debase religion.
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2010-03-01 09:13 pm
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Home Sweet Base (Test post)

 Jaime was getting things ready in the little room of South Base that he had picked out for himself. Not the biggest room, maybe slightly larger than a closet. He did have his own bedroom back in El Paso, even if he was still finding leftovers from when Milargo lived in it for a year.

He was just moving in the bed, piecing together the wooden frame with an electric cordless drill he borrowed from Gear. After he got it set up, he surveyed the room. 

"TV, old PlayStation for some late night Forza, bed, couple sets of clothes just in case-" At which point a twittering went off in his head.

_)|/>-|- ||\|(/-\>|- ()|= \|/|-|/-\-|-

"Hey, I don't know everything about you, I just want to get my bases covered!" 


Jaime shrugs it off and begins to head to the door to grab his mattress from the hallway.